Case Studies


Challenge and Solution

To improve the quality of the services the company renders to its customers, a large fiber-optics multinationl manufacturer based in Brazil integrated its field work units with its Information Management Solutions (ERP) by equipping them with handheld PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) with wireless connection capacity.

Compasso developed the Mobile Application project together with the Customer IT team. The system is divided into modules that automate the updates to the Work Journal database referenced by the equipment construction and set-up project managers, who in turn reply with the updated status of the associated maintenance services.

The Mobile Application enables the organization to greatly improve the efficiency and operational control of its services through managerial access to real-time information on field work presented in a modern integrated form. Compasso integrated Phumatec\'s Satellite Forms, ExtendedSystems, XTND Connect Server, JSP, Java, PL/SQL, and the Oracle RDBMS and Application Server in the development of this solution.

Benefits Summary

Precision in obtaining information: The information received is validated and processed directly in the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP, standardizing and centralizing the data, offering greater flexibility to the company\'s operations.

Improved field work management: The customer follow-up on projects and maintenance work is standardized for different parts of the country facilitating action planning and resource allocation for each enterprise thereby reducing management costs and materials waste.

Increased productivity of field teams: Total integration with the company database allows all projects and maintenance services to be recorded, providing extremely useful statistical information to analyze performance and productivity in each project and help refine future operations.
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